To convert you into a solid Engineer in just 20 weeks

Coding Fundamentals
  • Begin working cooperatively with fellow students while learning the essentials.
  • Get unstuck quickly with the help of our industry expert tutors.
  • Daily live mentor sessions, personalized code reviews, and one-to-one feedback.
Web Development Immersive
  • On-campus instruction replicating that of a software engineering apprenticeship.
  • Build your portfolio with solo and collaborative projects.
  • Dedicated career services curriculum to prepare you for job interviews.
Career Advancement
  • Present your portfolio work to prospective employers wanting to hire our Alumni.
  • Make use of our career services team to map out a path to a new employment, starting with job applications and ending with job offers and negotiations.

The Only Curriculum, Developed By Experts

week 1 - 2
  • How to add data, text, images, videos, tables to a page using HTML.
  • How to organise and make the page parts look nice using CSS
  • Command Line Interface basics, HTML/CSS syntax
  • Introduction to GIT, Responsive design
  • GIT branches, CSS frameworks, Working with the browser
  • All the advanced branching capabilities of Git
Week 3 -4- 5
  • Fundamentals of API and Javascript to create Dynamic, Interactive, event-driven websites
  • Writing various programs manipulating variables, loops, conditions, and data structures
  • Variables, Variable Types, Operators, Objects, Arrays
  • Loops, Control Flow, If/Else, Naming Conventions,
  • Functions, Scope, ModernJS.
  • Higher-Order Functions, Array functions, Closures
  • Document-Object Model (DOM), DOM manipulation
Week 6
Using API’s
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous, Callbacks, Promises, The Event Loop
  • Connect user-facing front ends with all-important back end functionality and data
  • Application Programming Interface (API), Fetch, Async/await,
Week 7 - 8
  • What is React, JSX, State & Props
  • Help build large projects by using reusable components and other advanced React API
  • Larger Applications to manage global states, latest patterns with Hooks, and libraries of ecosystem along with deploying projects
  • Components Architecture
  • API calls, Context
  • Client-side routing, Custom hooks
Week 9 - 10
  • Client-server model, HTTP & Express
  • Optimised Store fronts, blog posting pages, social media clone with CRUD
  • Templating engines
  • Npm modules
  • REST API’s
  • Software Architecture with REST API design
week 11
  • What's a database, Entities, Data structures
  • Everything about high-level, low-level design, load balancing, caching, and database design
  • Writing programs with packages, debugging procedures, triggers and database structures
  • MongoDB - Documents, Collections, References, Queries
  • MongoDB’s document storage model and principles of flexible schema design & basic architecture of MongoDB clusters
  • Using mongoose to manage relationships between data, provides schema validations and to translate between objects in Code
Week 12 - 20
Final Project + Interviews
  • Join forces with others to develop a huge system that covers all the essential principles needed to grasp practical real world applications.
  • All concepts will be revisited in a disciplined manner and we will conduct pair programming sessions to enhance and prepare for interviews and final evaluations.
  • Ability to build modern full stack applications using nodes, MongoDB and React.
  • Get experience in working in teams using Agile principles.
  • Knowing how to learn and self-teach new programming concepts.
  • How to use third-party libraries/APIs.
  • Have a basic understanding of what it means to work on digital products.